Stand a chance to win $1000 in CoinMarketCap Bitcoin Price Prediction Event

Coinmarketcap launched a new feature called ” Bitcoin Price Prediction”and to celebrate the launch, They are holding a “Bitcoin price prediction event, of which a Total Sum of $1,000 USDT Prize to be won by the closest Bitcoin price predictor and also by using the #CoinMarketCapPredicts Twitter HashTag to tweet the prize of Bitcoin you predict you stand a chance to win a prize. Kindly follow the instruction below accordingly.

How to Participate

Step 1 – Log-in to CoinMarketCap

Step 2 – Visit the Bitcoin “Price Estimates” tab
Submit your Bitcoin price prediction for “June 30th, 2021 (23:59:59 UTC)”

Submit the Same “Price Prediction” on this Google Form

Make sure you submit the same Bitcoin “Price Prediction” on both the CoinMarketCap website and on this Google-Form. Mismatched prediction submissions will be disqualified from this event.

Click on link below and fill the form accordingly

[Price Estimates Event Reward]
1st Closest Predictor: 600 USDT
2nd Closest Predictor: 150 USDT
3rd Closest Predictor: 50 USDT

Twitter (#CoinMarketCapPredicts) HashTag Event

[How to Participate #HashTag Lucky Draw]

  1. Publish a Tweet with the #HashTag (#CoinMarketCapPredicts)
    Feel free to add the below segments as well
    – Add Screenshots
    – Add Your Price Prediction
    – Add Your Reasoning
    – Add Memes/Gifs
  2. Submit the Tweet Link in this Google-Form
  3. Relevant Tweets will Be Selected via a Lucky Draw

[#HashTag Event Reward]
1st : 100 USDT
2nd : 75 USDT
3rd : 25 USDT

Make sure you use your correct CoinMarketCap Registered Email when filling the Google form

I wish you good luck in your prediction!!

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