Coinmarketcap and Cryptocurrencies Relationship

Coinmarketcap is the World’s most referenced price tracking for cryptoassests. There are many Cryptocurrencies on coinmarketcap which you can easily access and acquire more information about it..

Many Cryptocurrencies on coinmarketcap passed requirements listed below before been accepted on the platform

Coin market cap has criteria of adding token, coin and other Crypto related assets.

The criteria for a Cryptocurrencies to be listed is the following:

The asset must be Cryptocurrencies or Crypto token

The asset must be on a public exchange with an API that reports the last traded price and the last 24hours trading volume.

The asset must have a non-zero trading volume on at least one supported exchange so a price can be determined

For more information on this kindly click on the link below

Exchanges Platform

Cryptocurrencies exchange platform is a digital marketplace where traders can buy and sell any listed coin on the platform using different fiat currencies.

Binance, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, Biffinex are the Top Cryptocurrencies Spot Exchanges..

Check the number 1 Cryptocurrency chart by clicking on the link below…


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