The Quickest Pathways To Become Rich Within 5 Years

Here’s the smartest way to do it. No start-up capital needed and thus…No risk.No exotic or nerdy coding skills required either. Just work ethic, ambition and the fortitude to base your future riches on solid skills and not “gimmicks”, “hacks” or get rich quick schemes.


Here goes….

1. Learn and develop at least one, in-demand, high-income skills.

2. Sell yourself to companies or entrepreneurs in need of that skill, and start earning money. This can be done as a “side hustle”.

3. Attract more clients via testimonials and start charging premium fees.

4. At this point you’ve got two options: Start a serviced based company and hire people that you train to get proficient in your core skill (step #1) or….Start a business selling a different service or product.

5. Use your sales, marketing and persuasion skills developed in Steps #1–3 to make that business successful.

6. Repeat.

7. invest your capital in the stock market, other businesses, real estate etc. The key being: You understand the investment vehicle, know about the risk and it involves and watch your money make babies.


Btw….Many will read this and 98% will do nothing.

Human nature.

Everybody has a desire to be rich, but ambition?

Not many have the ambition.

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