Boko Haram member who was reintegrated into the society, kills his father

Senator Ali Ndume vehemently condemns FG BH amnesty.
Senator Ali Ndume, the lawmaker representing Borno South Senatorial District in the National Assembly, has criticized the Federal Government’s amnesty for repentant Boko Haram terrorists.

Ndume’s statement came after a repentant Boko Haram member who was reintegrated into the society killed his father, stole his wealth and disappeared.

According to the outspoken senator, most of the Boko Haram members who were reintegrated into the society had returned back to their old ways.


He consequently called the Federal Government to cancel the programme.

Ndume who spoke during an interview on a BBC Hausa programme in Kaduna asked the rationale behind the investment of huge resources on repentant insurgents.

According to him, rather than train Boko Haram terrorists who would not appreciate it, it was better to use the funds for vocational and skill acquisition programmes for Boko Haram victims in IDP camps.


“They are like Kharajites. Many among those released have since run away. They will never repent. The government should know what to do about them, but not reintroducing someone to you, who has killed your parents or your relations.

“Not that he even apologised to you; he apologised to the government. His thinking was that government has failed and that is why they are being pampered. This government’s programme is unacceptable to our people. The right thing is to stop it forthwith.

“If there is sincerity of purpose, those in the Internally Displaced Persons’ camps should be trained in various trades and vocations, so that they can start life again.”

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