#bbnaijalockdown – Erica Is The Reason Why I Get Sad – Laycon Tells Nengi

Laycon disclosed the ill-treatment he receives from Erica on a daily basis to Nengi when they sat on the couch to discuss relationships.


He is hurt and has resorted to keeping his distance in o ther not to get heartbroken from, a move which has long been noticed by Nengi.

He confirmed when Nengi asked him if it was Erica’s action that was hurting him to the point of taking the decision of reserving himself. Apparently, Laycon has feelings for Erica who unfortunately has feelings for Kiddwaya and that hurts him because he has been with Erica all the time while Kiddwaya goes about his ‘women hunting’.

He has currently propsed to 3 women and promised 2 others, babies within 10 days of their stay in the house. Laycon believes he is the right man but for now, he won’t push her into a situation where she will be forced to choose between them.

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