How Hackers hack Facebook account

How they hack your Facebook account?

If you are on Facebook, there is this ravaging fear that hackers will take over your Facebook account.

Well you should be afraid if you don’t know how the Facebook operate.

Facebook is a website that plays host to lots of administrators with different capacity of authority. The site is well secured and each user enjoys this security benefits.

The Designers of Facebook have over the years upgraded their site (app) to be more user friendly, responsive and attractive.

Q: If it is that secured, how do hackers bridge their security?

They couldn’t bridge the security without your permission. Sorry to say, you permitted them.

Let me break it down.

When opening a new Facebook account, you are required to enter an email address and phone number, besides other details.
This also goes with an option for you to choose who sees certain information about you, like your birthday and stuffs.

When logging into your Facebook account, you are asked to either enter your email or phone number. This is where it starts.

Three ways hackers get to you.


When you use someone else’s device (PC or Phone) to access your account and failed to log out or allowed the browser to remember password. When a potential hacker (probably not your friend) uses that same device they are already in your account. They can edit your account details. Most especially your password. Which automatically locks you out of your account.


They check your account and retrieve your phone number from it. They try to use it to login and since they don’t know your password they can’t access it. Then they will send you a message or give you a call asking you to call out or send the code you received from Facebook. That they need it for account authentication or they’ll just look for one technical name to confuse you.
How did they know the code was sent to you?
They have tried to log in and couldn’t. So they will try to change your password by clicking on the Forgot password option.
Now Facebook, is flexible and has considered the possibility of users forgetting their passwords thereby making provision for you to change it when you can’t remember it. They send a confirmation code to your mobile phone and ask you to enter it which grants you the privilege of changing your password.
Hackers use this window. When they have hit the forgot password option and has asked Facebook to send them the codes. They will then call you to give them the code, posing like one Facebook customer care representative or someone from one Technological company.
And since many users are ignorant about their schemes, they willingly give the code.

The next thing is friends and families calling them to ask why they are posting this and that on their page. When they try to log in. Boom! Access Denied.

The third way is quite rare.

This is when they see you logging into your account and are able to see your password or guess based on some mathematical calculations.
When cyber cafe was still much in use we usually get people’s password characters and do combinatorial calculation to deduce the right sequence of characters.
As decent boys then, we didn’t use it for anything bad neither did we block the owners from accessing their emails. All we did was test our mathematics to see if we were smart enough.

In addition, when you leave your phone somewhere ( in your friends room, that shop that always on generator, your neighbor’s house, etc). Remember you are always logged on. Your Facebook account is free to whoever operates your phone in your absence

Another way is this-

When you lose the number you used for registration and you forget your password. Its over.

How do you lose your number?

  • You lost your phone or the sim got damaged and you didn’t retrieve it.
  • You got another line and you keep that sim (you used for your Facebook account) in your wallet or somewhere for 90 days
  • You travelled outside the country and the sim was inactive for 90 days

The telecommunications companies recycle that number (because it has been dormant for 90 days) and program it to another chip (sim card) and sell it.
The new owner might not be enlightened as you.
While you are always connected with to your account with your device (phone or tab) someone somewhere using your sim has received a text (code) and has replied it.
You suddenly lose control of your account.
Don’t blame the woman with two teeth in the village.
Its your fault.

Why do they need your account?

  1. Legitimate Business: Facebook is an old media platform. If you ate old enough to transact business, it means you should have had a Facebook account for not mess than five years.
    People transact business on Facebook. And they check your history to see that you are not new on Facebook. They consider new users as scammers or fraudster. So they like to deal with old users.
    I have heard of people that sold their Facebook account to private individuals or organizations. Its business. They use it for business.
    Hackers (either people that want to do legit business or people that sell accounts) will hack your account and use it for their businesses or sell it.
    Are you surprised?
    All they need to do is change your about information.
  2. Illegal business and fraud: This ones, they monitor you on Facebook. If you advertise your business or transact online. They hack your account and defraud your old clients or associates.
    You have been faithful to your clients, you chat them up via messenger and close a deal. They wire the money to your account. You waybill your products to them. They spread your word.
    Now your business account is in the hands of fraudster.
    They transact, get the money but send no product.
  3. Scam relationship
    If you are not the type that posts lots of pictures. Probably its a brand account. You are a mentor, public speaker or something.
    You have thousands of followers.
    Your profile picture is your brand logo and you don’t post your own picture.
    A hacker will start multiple relationships with your followers.
    Defraud some by asking for funds to support your vision and programs.
    They can toast some others (mostly ladies) and make appointments to get them to bed. Since they haven’t seen what you look like anybody can pose as you.
  4. Porn Connect Groups: I noticed some accounts that were hacked were used to post pictures of almost nude ladies- which attract people to view their pages.
    They then put WhatsApp links or request for your WhatsApp number to add you to WhatsApp groups where they share porn videos and photos.
    Your friend or family member will call you to ask what is wrong with you.
    They don’t know its the work of hackers.

There are many other things they use hacked accounts for.

How do I secure my account?

  1. Use your email to login rather than your phone number. Those that get phone numbers from devices won’t be able to get yours. And trust me most Facebook hackers are not patient like Yahoo Yahoo guys. They won’t send you an email. But if they do please delete their mails and don’t reply.
  2. Don’t put your phone number on your Facebook. If you must, restrict views to certain people.
  3. When you receive a message or a mail requesting you to give the code Facebook sent to you, don’t reply.
  4. When you use another device (public computer or someone else’s phone) to access your account. Ensure you click Not now or Never when the Remember password question pops up. Don’t respond in the affirmative. Delete your own login from the front page or drop-down menu.
  5. Put a password on your Facebook app in your phone. So even if you loose your phone or you dropped your phone somewhere (for charging maybe), they won’t be able to access your account. We most times are always logged on in our phones. So download AppLock from your play store and put a lock on your important apps. Like your Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail, Message, Settings, etc
  6. When you lose your number (your sim was recycled due to inactivity for 90 days) quickly go and change your phone number in your account. They might send a confirmation code to your email.

What do I do if my account is hacked?

There is a very high percent chance you can’t get it back except you know the hacker or the hacker decided to return your account.

If you notice your account has been hacked-

  1. Call your business associates or clients and notify them so they don’t get swindled
  2. Inform at least three persons, (close persons, like spouse, siblings, friends, business partner, work colleagues, etc) to post on your page notifying your friends on Facebook that your account has been hacked and that messages from it should be disregarded.
    Once, when this was done, the hacker returned the account. Maybe because he couldn’t carry out his mischievous plans or the friends in the account has preached or laid curses, with ultimatum, on him.
  3. Forget about the account and open new one.

Many of my friends have lose their accounts to hackers that’s why I took the pain to write this to inform the general public. Please compliment my effort by sharing to others.

Please be very careful with your account, this post will definitely reach the pages of hackers and they will try to upgrade their schemes or use some of these means.

The ultimate rule is be very careful if you don’t want to lose your account.

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