How to set up your free CoinPot Account to earn free Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin & DOGEcoin

Coinpot is a web browser cryptocurrency wallet that connects to crypto faucets and also allows you to mine certain cryptocurrencies in via your web browser

What is a crypto faucet?
A crypto faucet is a website that rewards users with cryptocurrencies for filling out a captcha or some other basic task. The payments are miniscule, but are a great segway into the world of cryptocurrency for people looking to understand the technology and processes behind cryptocurrencies but are not yet ready to make an investment.

Why would anyone give away free crypto?

Websites run ads that pay per impression and yield more money than is given away through faucets. Many faucets encourage repeat visits and allow claims every 5 minutes to keep users on their websites longer, allowing them to rotate ads and increase their number of impressions.

How do I get started claiming crypto faucets?
Go to and click register. (Right click the hyperlink and select open in new tab to keep this page open.)

Put in your email, then create a password and confirm your password. Then check I am not a robot and complete the human verification test. They click I agree to the terms, then click register.

Confirm your email. Once your email is confirmed you are now ready to start claiming faucet rewards.

Let’s start with DOGE coin, my favorite coin to claim faucet rewards because it yields the highest % of coin relative to $$$ payout. (You get more DOGE from a faucet than other coins because DOGE is cheaper than most coins).

To get claim a DOGE faucet reward from moondoge, click here.

Make sure you enter the same email you used on coinpot to register on this faucet
You will probably have to fill out a human verification form like this:

After you claim your faucet reward, your coin will automatically be deposited into your CoinPot wallet

Click link to claim a faucet reward of BITCOIN

Apparently you can also claim faucet rewards of Litecoin (LTC) from this site, but I could never get it to load properly so I will not share/nor recommend using it.

Claim free litecoin.

Claim free dash coin

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