​WWE 📺Smackdown 1000✨ Results*

WWE 📺Smackdown 1000✨ Results*
Here are your quick WWE Smackdown Live results for October 18, 2018. Smackdown’s 1000th episode featured an Evolution reunion, cameos from stars of the past, the return of Rey Mysterio, and more. 
– The show opened with an episode of Truth TV with Stephanie McMahon as the guest. Shane McMahon interrupted, then Vince McMahon interrupted, and they all danced.
👊 The Usos defeated Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles.
– Teddy Long, Vickie Guerrero, and John Laurinaitis made backstage cameos.
– Evolution got back together. Randy Orton tried to put himself over at the expense of the group and Batista teased fighting Triple H again, but nothing really happened.
👊 World Cup Qualifying Match: The Miz defeated Rusev.
– Edge returned, and hosted The Cutting Edge with Becky Lynch as a guest. He attempted to convince Becky that she’d made a bad decision choosing her career over her friendship with Charlotte Flair. Becky told him to stop disrespecting her and get out of her ring. Charlotte showed up, and she and Becky brawled.
👊 Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match: The Bar defeated The New Day (c). 
– The Rock tweeted about Smackdown. John Cena sent in a video greeting.
👊 World Cup Qualifying Match: Rey Mysterio defeated Shinsuke Nakamura.
– The Undertaker showed up just to say “rest in peace” to D-X.

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